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My first blog finds me early, art-career. Turtle-slow might be a good description of my path to art. Or maybe meandering spirit is even better. Growing up in Los Angeles in a loving, divorced household with 2 sisters, I found footing in solitary pursuits early on. My father and uncle were our primary guardians. My mother was always nearby and available.

As one who liked her solitude, I spent my free time studying, bicycling, running, drawing, eventually sculpting and dating boys. All of this led me to different arenas of personal growth, education, employment and places to live. I lived in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Maryland, and now, Texas (because when you marry a Texan, you move to Texas.)

My initial career was software development in the sciences including some great fun at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs where I met my soulmate, Jim. It was a whirlwind romance then and continues today. We started a family and moved back to Texas (because you do.) After a brief stint in dot com support with Netscape, my career morphed to software development and test in telecom. As a new mom, the deadlines and nature of software development were pretty taxing on the family. As our daughters grew, software mom was pretty crabby... So in 2003ish, I left the software field and focused on teaching clay in a community setting.

Now, many years later, I do consider myself a professional artist. There were starts and stops and slow downs as family dynamics and home bases changed. I am so lucky to be living in Austin now. The creative energy in this town is off the charts. The support of fellow artists and opportunities to grow and show are everywhere here. Though I could make and create out of my home garage, I've opted for another community environment by leasing space in a multi-artist collective , Fireseed Clay Art Studios, ushered by artist and succulent-whisperer, Rick Van Dyke. We have just wrapped up another invigorating West Austin Studio Tour and are cleaning up, putting away and planning new works. I am grateful for it all including the meandering path to right here.

#sculptureblog #clay

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