Artist Statement

I create colorful, rustic functional ware and mixed-media sculpture. Clay, glass, neon, and found objects provide a never-ending toy box of creative fun for my sculptures. As a technique junkie, the daily choices I make in my studio are to produce a piece out of feeling or out of fun; out of knowledge or out of experiment; out of self or out of someone else’s self; and on it continues. Combining years of experience and artistic pursuit, I seek to draw the viewer into thought, to feel uncomfortable tensions, to question the basis of happier moments, and to weigh mysterious beliefs. And, of course, I want the viewer to WANT to touch.


Robin Gary is a clay and glass artist working out of Fireseed Clay Art Studios where she also makes glazes and fires kilns for the 30 plus artists also working there. With over 19 years of teaching experience,  she teaches pottery and fused glass techniques at the Dougherty Arts Center and at Fireseed. Robin coordinates the monthly clay artist demonstrations for Greater Austin Clay Artists held at St. Edward's University.


Robin shows her work locally at the Art for the People Gallery and nationally including New York, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Texas.  She fell in love with all things clay late in high school and at UCLA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics. She has been a professional sculptor and potter since the early 1990s.  While living in the Washington D.C. area, her focus was on figurative abstract neon and clay sculptures.

2010 - present
2010 - present