Natural Disruptors


Nature has its own forces of disruption: ice ages, fires, floods, hurricanes, drought and sometimes even an asteroid. Humankind is also a natural disruptor.


We are a keystone species that impacts the landscape, flora and fauna around us. We have hunted some animals to extinction, some to near extinction.  We have erected fences, buildings, highways, bridges, and dams. We have altered our natural lands by grazing, planting, clearing, fencing and over harvesting.


For centuries, we have reduced the natural bio-diversity of the plants and animals around us. Often it has been without thought for the future of our wild neighbors.


Here in Austin, we are fortunate that the dialog of disruption and its effects is forefront in the news, in city and community meetings and in-grained in our daily lives. This is only true if we are relentless in the pursuit of balance between urban goals and preservation and conservation of our wildlands.