From our houses, our apartments, our office buildings and maybe even our cars, we look out at the roads and parks that surround us in Austin. There are many buildings, many roads, many parks, and many greenbelts.


Often we go to the parks and greenbelts to get our outdoor fix. Sometimes we are lucky and see local wild neighbors whether we are outside, in a nature center or just looking at the grassy or forested edge of the road; the monk parakeets that nest in electrical transformer poles around the city, the bobcat walking at Hornsby Bend, painted buntings at a backyard feeder, the caracara scavenging road kill off of north-west 183, screech owls camouflaged in holes in trees, dragonflies dancing on Bull Creek, the black-capped vireo and the golden cheeked warbler in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, the Barton Springs Salamander at the Austin Nature and Science Center or if you volunteer to count them, maybe in their natural habitat at Eliza Springs, a rat snake in your plant beds, the amazingly small karst invertebrates in the caves in and around Austin. 


All of these and more are here… if you look.