Cait Loves Caves


Not one for a straight-up desk-job, Cait was lying face down on the damp, leaf and stick-covered ground in the misty rain. Straining with her right arm and hand submerged into the dark cave through a 6” hole cut into a metal cover protecting the entrance, she was blindly unlocking the stubborn padlock. Finally, the lock clicked and the cave hatch was opened and the guided visit could begin.


Before she went to meet the group of students eager to experience this world underground, she brushed herself off and dismissed the little stick poking her in the arm through her shirt. She crawled down into the earth, followed by smiling, jittery students and another guide there to share stories of how life looks for the crickets and tiny spiders that call this home.


While finagling the lock above ground, the jawbone from a long-since deceased possum had lodged itself into her forearm. Crawling on through a tight spot she felt the poke again, and worried that it was a broken stalactite. She raised her arm to see the jawbone and broke into a grin. Yep, Cait was not one for a straight-up desk job.